Zoom gets new update, addresses security vulnerabilities

Zoom gets new update, addresses security vulnerabilities


Zoom finally comes with a major update this week. This is to address the security problems that the app has.

The new 5.0 update uses improved encryption, making it more difficult to eavesdrop on conversations. The app now uses the so-called AES 256-bit GCM encryption, but everyone must have updated the Zoom app.

Administrators of the conversations also recently have the opportunity to control which data centers are used. This gives you certainty that your data is in any case processed in a safe country.

This is also necessary now that the app is widely used by the corona crisis. The video service now has a sloppy 300 million users per day. But lately, the app has been in the news badly due to the many privacy issues. As a result, the app can no longer be used by many companies, in America, the app is even prohibited for schools.

Fortunately, Zoom is now resolving privacy issues. For example, there is now a new security icon. Here you can lock conversations, remove participants and turn off screen sharing. In addition, several functions have been preset in order to protect the privacy of users.

You can now also set a password, so no uninvited guests can enter. In addition, participants are placed in a waiting room.

Hopefully these are enough security measures to keep using the app as much fun as possible. Because say it yourself, those fun backgrounds really make every video call a lot more pleasant.