Twitch streamer Byron Bernstein "Reckful" commits suicide

Twitch streamer Byron Bernstein “Reckful” commits suicide


One of the founders of the famous platform Twitch committed suicide yesterday afternoon. Byron Bernstein became known through Twitch for his dedication and personal records. Reckful was well known for his achievements in the MMORPG genre (massive multiplayer online role playing) game World of Warcraft (WoW).

He was the first player to achieve a ranking of over 3000 in 3v3 arena mode and also the first to hold this record for 6 months.

He has been labeled “Most Skilled Player” in pvp (player versus player) in World of Warcraft over the years. On Twitch, Reckful had around 1 million followers.

It was known that Byron suffered from severe depression. It is a huge blow to the Bernstein family. One of Byron’s brothers previously committed suicide in 1995 when Byron himself was very young. Many people knew that Byron was struggling with depression and he openly shared it on Twitch and YouTube with Twitch doctor Dr. K from HealthyGamerGG talked.

Byron was one of the founders of Twitch. He originally came up with the proposal to let people donate and if people wanted to leave a message, that this would also appear on the screen of the stream so that viewers could read along. This has helped thousands of streamers on their way, as donations by leaving a message make up a large part of the income of many streamers.

Byron may be very influenced by the many (negative) reactions he received daily from followers. In one of his last tweets (two hours before his confirmed death), he makes a proposal to his ex, someone he had been with for years.

I’ve been following Byron for years on Twitch and it hits me, the Twitch, gamer and WoW community very hard. In his streams, Byron was always very cheerful and open and essentially wanted to be friends with everyone. At the moment old videos of Reckful are running on his Twitch page.

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