The ideal movies and series to enjoy this Halloween

The ideal movies and series to enjoy this Halloween

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Halloween is just around the corner and there’s nothing better than celebrating it with a marathon of horror movies and series, don’t you think? So you can start organizing your calendar, here are 10 scary stories exclusive to Netflix that you can’t miss this October. Get the popcorn ready, grab your blanket and take courage because at the end of the marathon, you’ll have goose bumps!

1. Nadie sale con vida (No One Gets Out Alive)

Nadie sale con vida

Mexican actress Cristina Rodlo plays the role of Amber, an immigrant who travels to Cleveland in search of the American dream. Upon arrival, she rents a cheap room in a shady and dilapidated boarding house. Amidst the sobs of the other tenants, the supernatural noises in the basement and her disturbing nightmares, Amber stays awake and begins to wonder who or what lives among them.

2. Fear Street’ the trilogy

Fear Street' the trilogy

Netflix made an adaptation of the books written by the master of horror, R.L. Stine that every lover of suspense and slasher is sure to love. This film series is told through three timelines: the first is in 1994, the second in 1978 and the third in 1666. This trilogy follows the brutal and bloody attacks that have taken place in the town of Shadyside over 300 years.

It’s the perfect trilogy to spend a terrifying Friday with your friends or partner. Ready to scream with fear?

3. #Alive


If zombies are your thing, this film was made for you. Il Cho tells the story of how a man remains locked alone in his apartment, totally disconnected and incredibly desperate to find a way out while a creepy virus sweeps through the city. This Netflix original has received rave reviews and praise, so we can assure you’ll enjoy this k-zombie a lot.

4. Us 2019

Us 2019

Adelaide Wilson (aka Lupita Nyong’o) is a stay-at-home mom with a stormy past. She decides to vacation on a beach, but everything turns dark when four masked men show up at her house. Adelaide will do everything she can to protect her family from the intruders stalking her home.

‘Us’ was made by the same creator of ‘Run Away!’ (Jordan Peele), and again gives us a psychological horror full of social metaphors that will keep you intrigued.

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5. You: Season 3

You: Season 3

Our favorite psychotic is back for a third season. Joe Goldberg moves with his wife Love to Northern California where he will be confronted by insufferable mommy bloggers and cocky tech entrepreneurs. In this installment, Joe must choose between his new life as a husband and father or the next-door neighbor who might be the woman he’s been looking for all his life.

6. The Squid Game

The Squid Game

Yes, we are talking about the series that has been watched by 111 million households around the world. For those who haven’t seen it yet, here’s what this Korean hit is all about. It is about 456 contestants who need urgent money to pay off debts and support their families; they must participate in a series of life-and-death children’s games in order to win 45.6 billion weons. Who will manage to survive all the challenges?

7. Lock & Key: Season 2

Lock & Key: Season 2

The second season of this series returns recharged and with more mysteries than ever. The three Locke brothers will have to solve new mysteries related to the magic keys that have been hidden in their new home, while dealing with their transition to adulthood.

8. Midnight Mass

Midnight Mass

If you were a fan of ‘The Curse of Hill House’ and ‘The Curse of Bly Manor’, you’ll definitely want to watch the miniseries. This horror production tells the story of Riley Flynn, an ex-con who returns to his hometown along with the inhabitants whose lives are ruled by Christianity and faith. At the same time of his arrival, a new priest appears who begins to gain popularity after performing a series of unexplainable miracles, although of course… these come at a price.

9. Creeped Out (Con la piel de gallina)

Creeped Out (Con la piel de gallina)

Each episode of this series tells a different story involving black magic, encounters from beyond the grave and a masked figure. The different young people who star in each narrative will be forced to face unusual events. Ready to die of fear this Halloween?

10. Ju-On Origins

Ju-On Origins

The horror franchise ‘Ju On’, returns to shake the world this Halloween month. The series is based on true events, and tells the story of a paranormal investigator who searches almost obsessively for a cursed house where a mother and her son experienced something terrible. The main character must discover what happened to them and how the curse that haunts the house was born.