Nintendo Switch OLED is now available in Mexico and these are its characteristics

Nintendo Switch OLED is now available in Mexico and these are its characteristics


The success of the Nintendo Switch worldwide is indisputable, Nintendo’s hybrid console entered the top of the most successful systems in history at the beginning of 2021. Today it seeks to equal or exceed its sales by more than 89 million units throughout the world. world with the new Nintendo Switch OLED.

With the Nintendo Switch OLED, the Japanese firm hopes to compete once again with the two giants of video games (Xbox and PlayStation). Today, the console is already available in Mexico through Amazon; its launch was made the same day as in the United States. All with the main objective of giving Mexican gamers the possibility of buying a Nintendo Switch OLED before Christmas.

According to the official Nintendo website, the new console features a 7-inch (17.78 cm) OLED screen. It also features a wide adjustable stand, enhanced audio, a dock with a wired LAN port, and 64GB internal storage.

The new screen has more intense colors, thanks to its Full HD resolution which creates a unique power in its graphics. The OLED version of the Nintendo Switch is undoubtedly superior to the hardware that was released in 2017, however the performance characteristics remain the same.

Although OLED technology is not new, it is a breakthrough for portable consoles, as it achieves a greater intensity of colors thanks to the fact that each pixel in the image is illuminated separately. This results in more intense colors, increases contrast and brightness, especially black colors generate greater contrast and better quality.

Regarding graphics power, it integrates the same graphics card (NVIDIA Custom Tegra) as its predecessor, 1080p via HDMI in television mode and 720p in portable mode. As for the battery, it is still the same 4310 mAh lithium battery with a duration of 4.5 to 9 hours depending on the time of use.

One of the main changes besides the OLED screen is the internal storage of the console. Both versions (Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite) have 32GB of storage, while the new version has 64GB with the possibility of expanding the storage to 2TB.

Despite having similar characteristics, the price does change between the three versions. On the one hand, the normal Nintendo Switch costs 7,299 MXN pesos. Meanwhile, the new Nintendo Switch OLED gamers can find it at 9,999 MXN pesos. The cheapest version is the Nintendo Switch Lite, which can be obtained on Amazon for 5,950 MXN pesos.