NASA Astronaut Drill A Hole In The Wall Out Of Heartbreak Your Way To Success

NASA Astronaut Drill A Hole In The Wall Out Of Heartbreak Your Way To Success


A new theory has emerged about a strange incident at the International Space Station in 2018, which suddenly revealed a hole in the wall of a Russian spacecraft. It was never clear how that gap got there, although several theories have already been circulated. Russian media now claim that the hole was deliberately made by an American astronaut after a failed affair on board.

On 30 August 2018, it was a bit of a shock aboard a Russian Soyuz rocket. When the spacecraft was connected to the International Space Station, the air pressure suddenly dropped significantly. The cause was a hole less than two millimeters in the wall. Fortunately, the astronauts and crew members were able to quickly repair the hole with putty, but since then there have been many questions about the causes of that hole.

Different theories
A first theory was a meteorite impact. A piece of a meteorite would have hit the spacecraft and caused the hole. That theory soon turned out to be wrong. “If the cause was a meteorite impact, you would have seen it at the hole, “says Koen Geukens, educational employee at Volkssterrenwacht Urania, in” Nieuwe feiten ” on Radio 1. “It would be obvious that something flew in from the outside, and that was not the case.”

But what did the Russians say happened? The Russian media are pointing the finger at an American astronaut, Serena Aunon-Chancellor. “First the story went around that Chancellor on board the spacecraft had received an accute thrombosis”, says Geukens. “Then she would have panicked and drilled a hole in the wall to get back to earth faster.”

That theory turned out to be wrong. Three years after the facts, the Russian space agency Roscosmos itself set up an investigation committee, which came to a conclusion this year.

Chancellor would have had an affair with another astronaut on board.

Koen Geukens of Urania Observatory
“Chancellor, according to Russian media, would have had an affair with another astronaut on board,” says Geukens. According to sources, that relationship did not end well, causing the astronaut to develop “mental problems”. When the married Chancellor saw the romance stranded, she would have done everything she could to get back to her husband as soon as possible.

“It was even clear that the damage was done with a drilling machine”, Geukens says. The hole was made in the capsule in which Chancellor, along with the other astronauts and crew members, were transported to and from the International Space Station. Once arrived, that capsule attaches itself to the ISS.

“Story doesn’t add up”
“NASA denies the story in all keys”, Geukens continues. “They say they know where every astronaut is at all times, and they always get a notification when the pressure in the spaceship drops. So they know exactly what’s happening.”

” Those speculations are false and lack any credibility, ” NASA CEO Bill Nelson told Ars technica. NASA’s top woman Kathy Lueders has already made her voice heard. “NASA astronauts, like Serena Aunon Chancellor, are hugely respected, serve their country and make incredibly valuable contributions to the agency. We’re with Serena.”

These speculations are false and lack any credibility

Bill Nelson, NASA’s top man
Yet the Russians take the theory very seriously. In fact, Russia would sue NASA for the sabotage of the spacecraft by one of their astronauts.

What has actually happened now remains at least an open question. The motives of the Russians also raise many questions. “It is possible that the Russians carried out poor quality control and missed the gap”, says Geukens. “They might not want to lose face and would try to pin it on the Americans.”All in all, it all remains one big mystery.