COP25, totally missed opportunity to make serious climate change

COP25, totally missed opportunity to make serious climate change


Everyone admitted, nations have failed to make serious climate commitments. Between disappointment and anger, observers believe that this is a totally missed opportunity, an important missed opportunity to display the ambition to respond to the climate crisis.

A bitter-tasting COP25
COP25, whose slogan was “Time for Action”, took place from December 2 to 13 in Madrid (Spain). On the eve of this highly anticipated event, UN Secretary General António Guterres had been rather firm. He had invited all the countries represented to “not betray the human family as a whole as well as all generations to come”.

The day after COP25, António Guterres cannot hide his disappointment, as shown in a tweet published on December 15, 2019. Yet the event lasted 40 hours longer than expected in order to reach an agreement. However, it seems that it was not very useful, as the result left a bitter taste.

No concrete commitment
As France Inter explains, the final text calls for narrowing the gap between the commitments actually made and the objectives defined by the Paris agreement of 2015. However, the main players, namely the major polluters, have remained silent. While the United States has maintained its position to leave the Paris agreement in 2020, China and India have not posted additional commitments.

Regarding the European Union, we are talking about the “Green deal”. This commitment corresponds to the desire to become the first continent to achieve carbon neutrality. However, this goal is planned for only 2050, that is to say in thirty years!

Paris agreement deemed unnecessary
According to Armelle Le Comte, advocacy manager for the NGO Oxfam France, France did not play an important role during these negotiations. For the past few days, there was only one French minister left. According to the interested party interviewed by France Inter, the Prime Minister and the Minister of the Ecological and Inclusive Transition “only passed by in gale.” Armelle Le Comte also denounced what would be a double speech by President Emmanuel Macron. According to her, the head of state often repeats that the climate represents an essential challenge but becomes much more discreet during important negotiations.

Finally, AFP environmental journalist Patrick Galey described the objectives of COP25 as “modest”. He said on Twitter that it was only a question of enforcing the commitments that the states had already made 4 years ago. Indeed, these promises have not been kept until today, and no one knows if they will really be honored one day. Plus there seems to be no way to be more ambitious. The message sent to the people is clear: the Paris agreement reached at COP21 was useless.