A young Cameroonian rewarded for the invention of a solar energy refrigerator

A young Cameroonian rewarded for the invention of a solar energy refrigerator


A competition organized by EDF in Africa has awarded Triomphant Tchulang, a young Cameroonian, who has made a solar photovoltaic refrigerator, an invention whose potential is far from negligible!

Photovoltaic solar refrigerator
Triumphant Chulang is a resident of the Higher Institute of Sahel in Maroua (Cameroon) and promoter of the Clean Energy Services startup. In 2017, this 24-year-old had presented his solar refrigerator for the first time to the public. However, his invention was rewarded by the EDF Pulse Africa prize according to an article published by Cameroon Tribune on October 7, 2019.

In 2018, Triomphant Tchulang already explained to the AA agency that his fridge was made of local materials and consisted of two parts. The first captures and concentrates the sun’s rays and the second is the chest that can keep the temperature cool. According to the inventor, 4 hours of desorption would offer several days of autonomy in cold weather! In addition, Triumphant Tchulang believes that this fridge could last a century because of its robustness and the nature of its materials. Indeed, there is no question here of planned obsolescence.

Authorities do not follow
Triumphant Chulang and other engineers want to bring an ecological solution to the problems faced by thousands of Cameroonians. In the north of the country especially, access to energy is particularly difficult and power outages are very frequent. In addition to individuals, it is also a question of targeting hospitals and other dispensaries. Indeed, better keeping vaccines cool can make them more accessible to certain difficult areas.

There are also military camps, often far from the electricity networks. Again, it’s about keeping food and pharmaceuticals. You should also know that the fact of storing food in the fridge, the refrigerator offers USB outputs. It is therefore possible to use it to recharge phones or even connect lamps.

The EDF Pulse Africa prize is a consecration and offers some hope. After its presentation to the public in 2017, the project caught the attention of the Cameroonian Ministry of Youth. An accompaniment had been promised, but it never happened. And yet, the prototype had already been shown to the authorities of the country in 2012 with again, unfortunately unfulfilled promises.