Our Team

Colin Walker – Sr. Editor
Email: colin@satprwire.com
Phone: +44 20 4732 1984

Colin has been working in the business industry for quite a sometime and he recently made the decision to become a full-time business journalist. At Daily Research News, he also helps us take care of the business writing.

Ben Parker – Co-lead Reporter
Email: ben@satprwire.com
Phone: +44 20 4732 1985

Ben has been listening to the technology news for quite some time that he needs just a single read to get an idea surrounding the topic. John is our go-to choice for in-depth reviews as well as the normal articles we cover on a normal basis.

Mary Adams – Sr. Editor
Email: mary@satprwire.com
Phone: +44 20 4732 1986

Marry is a fitness freak in every manner and gives proper care about her health and of others. She is probably the best person we have at Daily Research News for covering articles from the Health sector. If not at work, she can be seen drinking a cup of coffee.